About Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors


Girl Scout Cadettes are USA Grades 6-8 (approximate ages 11-13), Seniors are 9-10 (ages 14-15) and Ambassadors are 11-12 (ages 16-18)

Making forever friends, saving the planet, standing up against stereotypes, using their powers for the greater good—that’s what being a Girl Scout Cadette is all about.

Girl Scout Seniors are ready to take the world by storm—and at Girl Scouts, there are millions of ways to do it.

With a wider world comes even more opportunities—and Girl Scout Ambassadors make the most of every chance they get to improve themselves…and their world.

As a Girl Scout Cadette she might:

  • Choose an issue she cares about, then do something to make a difference as part of a Girl Scout Leadership Journey
  • Earn her Silver Award, the highest award a Cadette can attain
  • Get outdoors and off the beaten trail
  • Try out new experiences (and learn new skills) as she earns badges
  • Gain confidence as she mentors younger Girl Scouts (and earns her Leadership in Action award in the process)

As a Girl Scout Senior she might:

As a Girl Scout Ambassador she might:

Uniforms and Books

Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors can wear the Girl Scout Membership Pin, showing they belong to Girl Scouts of the USA, and the World Trefoil Pin, signifying membership in a worldwide Movement. They can purchase the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting book appropriate to their Programme age level.

Too Old to Join?

No way! Girls don’t have to worry about what they’ve missed—just look forward to what they can experience in Girl Scouting.