Information for Parents

The Girl Scout year follows the school year, with troop meetings usually runing from September to the end of June. Deciding which troop level your daughter should go into is normally based on her school year, and she will stay at the same level throughout the school year, bridging to a new troop the following September if appropriate. Please contact us  if you would like more information regarding which age level troop your daughter should join.

Requirements for Joining

To join the Geneva Girl Scouts, girls must be native English speakers, or in English education. They are also required to say the Girl Scout Promise to become a Girl Scout.   Online registration with USA Girl Scouts Overseas is required, as well as local registration.  Forms for both registration and health history will be provided by your troop leader, and must be completed and submitted with the annual dues.


The annual fee for participating in Girl Scouts in Geneva is CHF225 which is broken down as follows:

  • Membership of the USA Girl Scouts $45, including Overseas Council fees
  • A percentage for the Geneva Girl Scouts Neighborhood which covers events and administrative costs, and
  •  The remainder for the troop funds which covers the cost of activities, such as cooking, outdoor & craft materials.

In addition there may be an extra cost for uniforms and books – your troop leader will advise you of these.

Getting Involved

All troops are run by adult volunteers who are often, but not exclusively, parents of Girl Scouts. We do ask for parental involvment in running the troop or just helping out with the occassional activity. Your troop leader will be happy to suggest ways you can help – perhaps by:

  • Becoming an assistant Leader, or troop Committee Rep,
  • Planning and running a meeting or activity,
  • Organising rotas
  • Being involved in the troop administration – sending emails, organising the finances, ordering supplies
  • Helping with transport to troop activities.

Permission Forms

Whenever your daughter joins a girl scout activity that is outside the normal meeting place, and if you do not go with her, you will be required to sign a permission form. The troop leader will provide the form, which must be signed and returned prior to the excursion.