Troop List

See below for a list of our currently active registered troops in the Geneva/ La Côte area.  Please get in touch to inquire about one of these troops.   If a troop in your area or for the age level you need is not noted as active, why not consider starting a new troop?  It just needs a committed leader – that could be you!  Our committed team will provide training & support, and help recruit other leaders to work with you.  If you are interested in learning more,  or if you aren’t sure which troop might be most suitable for your daughter, please Contact us  so we can help you to find a troop.

Geneva English SchoolDaisyBrownie & Junior Troops are currently active at GES.  To find out more, please get in touch!

La Côte area: DaisyBrownie & Junior Troops are currently active between La Côte International School, GEMS and in Morges.  To find out more, please get in touch!

La Chataigneraie, FounexBrownie ,  Junior & Cadette Troops are currently active at the La Chat campus.  To find out more, please get in touch!

Nations, Sacconex Campus: We have a Cadette Troop currently active at Nations.  To find out more, please get in touch!

Ferney-Voltaire:  We have a Cadette, Senior & Ambassador Troop active in Ferney-Voltaire, meeting just over the border at Crossroads Church.  To find out more, please get in touch!

Several other schools, including College De Leman in Versoix, Institut International de Lancy, La Grande Boissiere in Chene Bougeries  have all had active troops at all levels in the past.  All it takes is a couple of committed adults to help restart troop(s) at any of these locations, or elsewhere in our region to start or restart a troop.   Why not get in touch to find out how you can help bring this exciting program to life? 

To find out more about starting up a troop, or volunteering with Girl Scouts in other ways, please Contact us.   See also for more information.